Why work at Paragon Geophysical Services, Inc?

  • Competitive wages
  • All Purpose Leave (APL); vacation, Holiday, & Paid time-off
  • Health¬†& Dental Insurance
  • Per Diem
  • Motel paid
  • 401K matching
  • Opportunities for career progression
  • Adventure and travel
  • Length of service awards & recognition
  • Training programs
  • Employee reduced clothing prices
  • Forefront of new seismic technology
  • Part of a team that discovers America’s next untapped resource in oil & gas
  • Stable company-25+ years in business

Current Job Openings:

Recording Crew Line Worker

The Recording Crew Line Worker provides the primary labor in the operational aspects of each job, and if they have a Driver’s License approved by Paragon Geophysical Services, Inc’s¬†insurance company, assists in assigned driving duties.

The Recording Crew Line Worker works in remote isolated outdoor environments, subject to extreme weather conditions including heat, cold, rain, snow and sudden changes in temperatures. Terrain may be uneven, slippery, inclined or unstable. Work may also be performed along highways, cross over roads, and involve water crossings. Exposure to dust, dirt, fumes and vibration are expected and there is potential for exposure to corrosive battery acid.

The Recording Crew Line Worker works 7 days per week, with long hours and extensive overtime, but no guaranteed number of hours per week. Schedules fluctuate and shifts may be allocated on a day or night basis due to weather conditions and operational needs. Extensive travel from job to job is required with lodging provided in motels near the jobsite.

Required Education/Experience

  • Can count numerically
  • Can follow safety rules and precautions
  • Can perceive spatial relationships (understands US measurement) to place geophones at correct distances apart as instructed
  • Ability to read and understand various field maps

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