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Paragon Geophysical Services, Inc. remains “A Head Above the Rest” by continuously upgrading our equipment to meet the geophysical industry’s highest standards, providing innovative recording solutions benefiting clients, landowners, and the environment.

Paragon Geophysical Services, Inc. proudly presents our latest acquisition: Sercel’s most advanced, best performing, fully integrated land nodal acquisition system.

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    WiNG is a wireless seismic and fully integrated nodal land acquisition system designed with a single data collection platform to manage operations more easily and efficiently. This cable-free seismic nodal solution integrates Sercel’s best performing and most sensitive broadband sensor ever, QuietSeis®, to acquire high precision seismic data. The WiNG node, or DFU (Digital Field Unit), has been designed to minimize transportation and storage costs. With its compact and light design (855g), the DFU can record seismic data for up to 50 days. An additional version, the AFU (Analog Field Unit), is also available for use with geophone strings.

WiNG, a nodal acquisition system for seismic exploration - Sercel

Vibes Lined Up Beulah

Paragon Geophysical Services Inc.’s High-Frequency Fleet

Operates the most advanced vibroseis techniques:

  • GPS guidance for improved access, overcoming difficult terrain, and lessening ground impact
  • Highest peak force-energy penetration
  • Harmonic distortion reduction – SmartLF

Recent News

  • Sercel sells a WiNG land nodal acquisition system to Paragon Geophysical Services, Inc. in USA

    Nantes, France – November 12, 2020

    Sercel has announced the sale and delivery of a WiNG wireless land nodal seismic acquisition system to Paragon Geophysical Services, Inc.

    Paragon selected Sercel’s latest nodal technology to conduct high-production seismic surveys across the USA and to provide their clients with the most accurate seismic acquisition data. This is achieved through the key advantages of WiNG’s System-Certified Data delivery and the proven high performance of Sercel’s QuietSeis broadband digital sensor.

    John H. Beury III, Paragon’s CEO/Owner, said: “Paragon has always believed in providing its clients with the latest technology. Sercel remains “ahead of the curve”, complementing Paragon’s model of excellence and dedication, which enhances our mutual commitment to providing precision seismic acquisition data.”

    Emmanuelle Dubu, Sercel CEO, said: “We are pleased to announce our delivery of a WiNG land nodal acquisition system to Paragon Geophysical Services, a company with which we share the same spirit of technological innovation and dedication to customer service. The digital era is finally becoming a reality in land seismic acquisition and we look forward to it continuing to gain momentum in the future.”

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