inova-logo2Paragon Geophysical Services, Inc’s fully loaded Inova Hawk Recording System boxes are capable of recording single channel analog data, three channels of analog data or three channels of digital data.

When coupled with our 3C digital VectorSeis SVSM’s that feature three independent MEMS accelerometers, we can record the full seismic wavefield. Full-wave recording is particularly important for imaging complex subsurface structures.

3C Digital SVSM’s allow for shear wave recording which assists in providing measurement for rock properties, lithology and fluid identification, fracture detection and orientation, and structural imaging through gas clouds.

John H. Beury III, President/CEO, Paragon Geophysical Services, Inc., said, “Paragon is always at the forefront of seismic acquisition technology. Integrating Hawk to our product portfolio enables us to provide exceptional geophysical services to our valued clients. We are highly impressed with the nodal system’s flexibility and the support we have received from INOVA.”

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