Paragon Geophysical takes pride in offering end-to end seismic acquisition services.  Our dedication and success is focused on Oil & Gas exploration through 2D/3D seismic.  Paragon has successfully recorded geothermal, microseismic, carbon capture storage, and 4D surveys.

Our extensive experience provides a wide range of geophysical support services:

  • Preplanning, hazard identification and survey design
  • Project & HSE Field Management



Permitting is a pivotal step and opportunity to build on the landowner relationship.  Keeping tenants informed of the seismic process allows for seamless farming and field operations.  We respect the permission granted and do our very best to conduct ourselves professionally and respectfully. 

  • Surface, mineral, state and federal permits
  • Negotiating access and right of way
  • Impact and crop indemnification



  • Customized survey design for target objectives
  • Comprehensive fold analysis and azimuth distribution plots
  • GPS and stakeless surveying