Sercel Unite Recording System


sercel-logoIn order to address the growing demands of the geophysical industry for large channel counts in difficult environment and total flexibility in layout and telemetry modes, Paragon Geophysical Services, Inc has five Sercel UNITE wireless systems in its portfolio of industry-leading seismic acquisition products.

The UNITE system allows for easy access to areas with difficult terrains, sensitive environments or urban zones due to the reduction of the system weight and wireless deployment. UNITE offers more flexibility through the wireless architecture, quicker QC due to wireless harvesting and more productivity since harvesting can be done during production.

Jeff Logan, VP Operations, Paragon Geophysical Services Inc., said: “Paragon recently purchased RAU eX-3 units to integrate with our existing UNITE recording systems. We selected the RAU eX-3 units for their flexibility. They allow us to utilize fewer batteries in the field, with lower power consumption per station when used in a three-station configuration, or alternatively can be used to record analog 3C data. The RAU eX-3 allows us to place the boxes and batteries back away from roads and hazard areas, reducing visibility and exposure while retaining the benefits and ease of deployment of a wireless system.”

Click here to visit Sercel’s website for information on the Sercel Unite recording system